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1970 - 1979

"Worms from Mars Invade an Authentic New England Village & Are Attacked by the National Guard" 1971

"Cannon Brooch" 1973

"Pewter Peanut with Box" 1973

"Badge for Thorough Understanding" 1977

"Decanter" 1974

"A Light Lost at Sea" 1977

"Flying Triangle and Curved Dirt" 1978

"Death Nightlight" 1977

"Zig-zag on Ramp" 1979

"A Man Can Be an Island for $5 a Day" 1977

"Tramway" 1973

"Han-Shan, Drunk on the Steps of a Progress Palace" 1976

"Self-Portrait with Structure and Straightjacket" 1976

"Floating Vessel Triptych" 1979

"Bright Figure Over a Low, Bad Land" 1978

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